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AWWA period underwear

AWWA period underwear use innovative ultra-thin fabric technology for higher absorbency.

Revolutionise the way you manage your period, forever! Our comfy, stylish, washable period proof underwear is designed in NZ. Less waste for the world, less expense for you! Using our special ultra-slim, high absorbency layer, AWWA period-proof underwear absorb 2 regular tampons' worth of flow to keep you comfortable, fresh and dry all day. Perfect for teen periods, sports, sleep, an unreliable pelvic floor or for snuggling on the couch with chocolate! Wear them your way - solo or with other period care, in high waisted or bikini brief!  

Choose any 5 pairs of period underwear & save 10%!
Combine styles for different days, different colours, or shop for you and your teen daughter. You can buy a 3 pack and two more pairs, a 5 pack, or add a period proof bikiniyou will automatically save 10% on them all.

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