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AWWA underwear holds 2 tampons' or pads' worth of flow, keeping you dry and fresh


How AWWA work

AWWA period underwears absorbent, anti-microbial and leak-resistant layers keep you feeling fresh and dry, while keeping leaks at bay.

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Personalise your period by picking any 5 pairs of period-proof underwear in any colour or style and you'll automatically save 10% at checkout.

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AWWA Teen!

Being a teenager is challenging enough without worrying about your first periods! AWWA Period Underwear for teens takes care of teen periods.

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We do period proof swimwear too!

Our period proof bikini pants will absorb up to 10ml of your flow (1 tampon worth). On your period? Slip on our period swimwear and enjoy the beach!

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Working out on your Period

Working out on your Period
Posted on
As menstruating people, we have experienced through all the period stigmas and whether or not you should exercise on your period is one of them.  Basically the simple answer is - exercise if you feel like exercising and don’t exercise if you don’t! It seems simple right? Nobody should have control over what you do with your body at any given time and particularly so when you are in your sacred time.

20 Ways going Waste Free in 2020 will help change the world

20 Ways going Waste Free in 2020 will help change the world
Posted on
There has never been a time when action for the planet has been more precious, or more urgent. At AWWA our goals are broad ranging; from empowering girls and de-stigmatising periods, to enabling social and gender equality through affordable period care, sharing cultural wisdom and traditions... and normalising waste free periods to help mother earth!

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