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Ultimate Teen Kit - Eva Brief + Swimwear

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Ultimate Teen Kit - Eva Brief + Swimwear
Ultimate Teen Kit - Eva Brief + Swimwear
Ultimate Teen Kit - Eva Brief + Swimwear
Ultimate Teen Kit - Eva Brief + Swimwear
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Our ULTIMATE teen pack is the perfect gift for your daughter. Whether she has started menstruating, or you believe it is not far off, our teen period underwear pack provides everything she needs for when it arrives.

Eva Brief period underwear holds up to 2 regular pads or tampons worth of flow 

Swimwear bikini holds up to 1 pad or tampon worth of flow 

AWWA's ULTIMATE Teen period pack includes:
3 pack of Eva brief period proof underwear
Swimwear Bikini (top + bottom) 
Small wetbag 
Drawstring bag
Education guide
Chocolate (because who doesn't need chocolate?!) 

Eva Brief - our super slim underwear is designed to hold and absorb up to two tampons or pads' worth of flow, plus has a no-leak safety layer just for peace of mind.

Swimwear bikini - no need to avoid the beach or pool this summer. Our swimwear is designed for light flow so you can keep doing what you love. Use on its own or as a back up to tampons or cup. 

Wetbag - keep a pair of underwear in the wetbag, stored in your school bag, so you are prepared for the arrival of your flow at any time. The wetbag can also be used to store used underwear, and can be washed just like the undies.

Storage bag - this is a great storage bag for your underwear drawer. Keep your period underwear separate from other pairs so you can always find them when you need them!

Education guide - we have created a guide designed to help stimulate conversation about ikura and provide answers for you and your daughters. This guide can easily be tucked away and referred back to at any time.

How to Manage your Period with AWWA

  1. Wear your AWWA period underwear for as long as you would normally wear 2 regular tampons or 2 pads.
  2. Rinse your AWWA period underwear and throw in the washing machine with your ordinary clothes.
  3. Put on another pair of AWWA underwear and go smash your day.

Period Underwear Size Chart

AWWA underwear is made true to size so your best bet is to use our size chart below and consider the size of underwear you currently wear. The most important measurement is your hips, as this is where the underwear sit.

To ensure the leak proof technology does its job our period underwear fits slightly more snug than your regular underwear. Unsure? Email us:

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