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Introducing AWWA, changing lives of uterus-owners in Aotearoa.

Introducing AWWA, changing lives of uterus-owners in Aotearoa.
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Michele Wilson and Kylie James of I Am Eva are changing the game for period-havers across New Zealand with their revolutionary period-proof underwear, the first of its kind to hit our shores in Aotearoa. From offering a brand new way to manage your flow, standing up for pride and de-stigmatisation of periods to reducing waste from single use period products (every woman who switches to period underwear will throw away 200 fewer items in one year alone), this brand has made waves with women and girls across the country.

Just a year after the overwhelming success of a Kickstarter campaign that tripled its target, I Am Eva are celebrating the success of fighting period poverty, and attacking the stigma and shame around menstruation with a new name and a new partnership.

Introducing AWWA, a Kiwi brand going global with a life changing product and an empowering message. AWWA - All Womxn Wear AWWA - designed for teens, all menstruators, support for women during and after pregnancy, and bladder leakage. 

Directors Kylie and Michele believe that although we have come strides in feminism, there is still work to be done and AWWA is championing the movement for womxn  (a term used to exclusively include women of colour and trans women) to feel empowered, diverse and strong. What it means to be a woman is now a more fluid concept.

Director Michele Wilson explains the ethos of the new name:

“AWWA embodies everything that we stand for and believe in for future generations of women. To us it means fluidity. AWWA is derived from the Maori word “awa” meaning river or flow. Maori referred to their period as te awa atua - the divine river, and we want every womxn to feel divine and empowered during their period. AWWA is not just meant for those who menstruate, but gives amazing confidence to newly menstruating teens, and provides support and comfort during pregnancy, post-partum and for minor bladder leakage.”

AWWA are also delighted to announce an official partnership with Dignity, working to bring waste free period care to our most vulnerable students throughout New Zealand. AWWA will be donating free period underwear for Dignity to pass on to their school partners for students in need across New Zealand.

“We wanted to do something to help these girls right now.’ said Michele “Although the government has said they are committed to helping fight Period Poverty, we can’t just wait for legislation to change.”

AWWA is changing the way women feel about menstruation by providing comfort and freedom to live life their way, including the recent launch of Aotearoa’s first period-proof swimwear – just in time to ensure that all Kiwi womxn and their teen daughters get to fully enjoy summer fun!

“We want to empower womxn to be unrestricted in their choice of activities - whether they are swimming, playing sport or taking time out to read quietly in the sunshine, we have designed the AWWA range for all womxn.”


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  • Beki: November 14, 2019

    F’n amazing work!

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